finalized the research project “Innovative method for dental implant surface functionalization with a layer of TiO2 nano-tubes”. The project was financed by Romanian National Scientific Research and Innovation Agency, MySmis code 104809, Contract 73/08.09.2016.

The aim of this project was to establish the first dental implant production line in Romania and one of the very few in South-East Europe. Our target is to export 95% of our products. Distributors are welcomed

Dentix Millennium is an innovation driven team. Our goal is to raise patient’s safety and quality of life, through newest technologies and scientific discoveries


In 2015, Dentix started a research project for a new dental implant surface. Dentix Nano is the result of 4 years of research work done by a team of 10 specialists – Professors and Researchers in Implantology, Medicine, Physics, Chemistry and Metallurgy.


Dentix Millennium Dental Implant System brings together all best ideas in implantology, to date:
  • we use the best materials in the world
  • we use the latest technology in the world
  • we always keep it simple for users
  • we comply to all legal requirements (CE mark, ISO 13485)
  • our production facility is located in EU and comply to highest standards in hygiene
  • we make it affordable for patients
  • research is a permanent task of our team. We always improve our products
  • we listen to our clients
We, Dentix Millennium, think the surface of a dental implant is the key factor of this medical device. The surface treatment, the chemical formulas we use, proprietary protocols and  recipes, and strictly discipline in production, are defining factors of our strategy.
Dentix Millennium goes deeper in material’s universe
Dentix Millennium Dental Implants have two kind of surface: classic SLA and NANO.
Classic SLA that proved in last decades good osseo-integration results.
Sand-blastig is forming 10-30 microns excavations in Titanium walls.
Double acid etching is forming 1-3 microns foramen in excavation’s walls: just the right size to accomodate newly born osteoblasts.
NANO surface with organized TiO2 in nano-tubes.
In years to come this new surface will open new opportunities in all kind of  treatment.


Where you can find us:


Str. Crinului 2, Sabareni, 087153
Giurgiu, Romania


Phone: +4 0213-358-266
Mobile: +4 0722-681-866

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