Multi-Unit Accessories (MUAcc)
Internal Hex Platform (IH)
  • Material: Ti Grade 4
  • Maximum torque 20 Ncm
  • 45º platform
Platform 45° IH
Angled MU Straight MU Angled MU Straight MU
L ↓ ø →
5.5 mm 5.5 mm 5.5 mm 4.5 mm
FThread M 1.8 M 1.8 M 1.8 M 1.6
MU Analog RMUA 5512 SMUA 4512
MU Transfer RMUT 5512 SMUT 4512
MU Holder AMUH 1815 AMUH 1815
MU Scan Body RMUSB 5510 SMUSB 4510
MU Sleeve RMUS 5510 SMUS 4510
MU Ti Base RMUTB 5507 SMUTB 4506
regular regular slim slim
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