D4 Type Bone (D4H)
  • 45º platform
  • Material: Ti Grade 4
  • 2,42/2,12 mm internal hex
  • Cover screw included
  • Surface: SLA / CaP / nano
  • Self-threading
  • Tapered implant
  • Gradually bone condesation
  • Reduced diameter neck
  • Maximum torque 30 Ncm/35 Ncm
2.12 mm internal hex 2.42 mm internal hex
L ↓ ø →
3.75 mm 4.2 mm 5.0 mm 6.0 mm
8 mm D4H-3708 D4H-4208 D4H-5008 D4H-6008
10 mm D4H-3710 D4H-4210 D4H-5010 D4H-6010
11.5 mm D4H-3711 D4H-4211 D4H-5011 D4H-6011
13 mm D4H-3713 D4H-4213 D4H-5013 D4H-6013
D4 Type Bone (D4H) Dental Implants Drilling Protocol
* Drill diameters (mm) in order of use
* Always start with a marking drill
* CBO = Cortical Bone Only


Please always follow the drilling protocol and use new and sharp drills. If standard protocol is not sufficient to insert the implant without exceeding
the recommended maximum torque, use the appropriate screw tap.
type ↓ ø →
3.75 mm 4.2 mm 5.0 mm 6.0 mm
Soft Bone Type IV ø2 ø2 ø2 ø2
ø2.8 CBO ø2.8 ø2.8 ø2.8
ø3.2 CBO ø3.2/3.6 ø3.2/3.6
ø4.2 CBO
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